The purchase process is relatively simple. If you have any difficulty when ordering your ticket, please see the troubleshooting section at the bottom of this page.


The Irish Posture & Mobility Network (IPMN) would like to keep in touch with people who attend its events and/or register on its website, both for administration reasons, and to inform them about future events hosted by IPMN or others, or other interesting opportunities.

In order to do so, IPMN will collect the following personal details (via the ticket order form and/or the website registration form) and store them in its database: mandatory (first name, last name, email address, phone number) and optional (profession, job title, company, work address, sector, secondary email address and phone number). IPMN recommends that you offer a personal email address and phone number instead of (or as well as) a work one. Doing so ensures that IPMN can communicate with you when you are not at work, or when you change your employer.

IPMN will not sell this data, nor make it available to third parties, nor make it available to any member of IPMN (except for IPMN’s current committee) without receiving written consent from you, via the email address which you have provided.

If, at any time, you want to opt out of any mailing list or to update any information, please contact us by emailing:


The conference venue is fully wheelchair accessible, with 9 dedicated spaces for wheelchair users in the theatre (3 spaces at the front of the room and 6 at the back). To reserve a wheelchair space, please purchase a Wheelchair Accessible ticket. All other seating is unreserved. To explore the auditorium space click here: 3D Viewer.

IPMN offers two ticket price options: a Full Price ticket (for most people), and a discounted Concession ticket (to enable students, unemployed people or others with very limited income to attend). Both ticket prices include the cost of attending the conference presentations, handouts and lunch.

The auditorium can seat up to 400 people. The restaurants can accommodate a maximum of 120 people. The first 120 ticket holders will be given a voucher to use in the restaurant. Subsequent orders will receive a lunch of sandwiches and wraps, served adjacent to the auditorium.

After 02/03/2023, we will be unable to offer refunds on tickets purchased, due to catering commitments.

If you have any queries or special requests, please email:


(this link opens our booking site “Ticket Tailor” in a new tab)



Order Form Completion

Some fields (ie boxes) on the booking form are mandatory. That means you must complete them in order to place the order. Mandatory fields are highlighted with a small red asterisk to the right of the field name.

The fields which are mandatory are:

  • Buyer
  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. email
  4. phone
  • Payment Method
  1. (all information)
  • Attendee
  1. first name
  2. last name
  3. email 1
  4. phone 1
  5. additional terms consent
  6. personal data use consent

All other fields are optional.

Once the form has been completed, click the “Next” button at the bottom of the form to proceed with payment.


We use a service called Ticket Tailor (similar to Eventbrite) to issue tickets. Ticket Tailor uses PayPal to process payments at the checkout.

Payment methods include most popular credit and debit cards (but not Google Pay or Apple Pay). NB: PayPal defaults to USD and charges approx 5% to convert back to EUR. We recommend that you avoid that charge by toggling the switch to EUR. We do not charge a booking fee in addition to the cost of tickets.

If you have followed the instructions above, and you are still having difficulty, then please get in touch at: