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    I seem to have reached the limit of my fight with this laptop and video card.So, it’s an HP Compaq 6910p (I know, gotta make up its’ mind on brand, but they’re both on there). Most of the specs are irrelevant to the thread. The one that is is in the title; ATi Mobility Radeon X2300. According to AMD, the X2300 is the same as the HD2300 minus UVD.Anyway, the driver that HP provides is 8.593.100.0, and some form of Catalyst version 2010.0210.2339.42455. I wanted to update it, and see if I couldn’t get, I don’t know, better performance out of it? At current, I just want OpenGL to work again, as through my futzing with it the last two weeks, it has been fubar’d?

    Please help.

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