Membership Types

When you start to create an IPMN Account, the first question you will be asked is to select one of a range of Membership Levels.

Types of Membership

There are two main Types of Membership

  • Associate Member (free)
  • Subscribed Member (small annual fee)
Associate Member

Associate Members’ access to the resources of the IPMN website is limited.

Subscribed Member

Each year, you have the option of purchasing an Annual Subscription.  When you do so, you become a Subscribed Member for the remainder of that year, from the date of purchase* until the subscription expires, on 31st December of the year.

Annual Subscription Rates

There are four rates of Annual Subscription

  • Standard Rate  (€20)
  • Concession Rate  (€5)  [student / unemployed / low income]
  • Presenter Rate  (€0)  [given to DOSL presenters for the year that they present]
  • Committee Rate  (€20)  [for currently elected members of the IPMN committee]
Subscribed Member Benefits

Each of the Annual Subscription Rates above denotes the same benefits to the Subscribed Member, for one year

  • Day of Shared Learning  (option to buy a ticket to attend event)
  • IPMN AGM Voting Rights
  • Increased Website Access
    • Downloads  (download presentations from previous IPMN events)
    • Information  (access to best practice documents)
    • Forum  (ask or answer questions, debate)
    • Job Advertisements
    • Event Advertisements
  • In order to purchase a ticket to attend the IPMN Day of Shared Learning in a given year, you must have an Annual Subscription for the same year.
  • If you want to purchase a ticket to view the webcast, a current Annual Subscription is recommended, but not required.

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* (or from 1st January of the year if bought in advance, at the end of the previous year)