Registration (creating an account)

When you register on the IPMN website, an individual IPMN Account will be created for you.

Each IPMN Account is linked to a single person (as opposed to a group, business, college or institution).

We will ask you to provide basic information about yourself (name, email, phone, postal address, and occupation).  And we will ask you to secure this information with a strong password.

With the contact information that you provide, IPMN will keep you informed about IPMN Events, including the very popular Day of Shared Learning.  We will also use it to contact you regarding your account, should the need arise.  The demographical information will help us to establish the geographical distribution and professional diversity of our membership.

Provision of additional information, such as biographical or professional details, or links to social networks is optional, and at the discretion of the individual.

Once created, the Account will continue to exist, unless you request IPMN to delete it, or unless changes within IPMN or its website require that it be deleted.

You may use the same account from year to year, no matter which Membership Type you choose for a particular year.  For example, you may opt to to be an Associate Member one year, and then a Subscribed Member (at any of the available rates) the following year.  Having your details stored on the site will save you time in subsequent years.

After account creation, you may edit any of your details, except for your Username.  If you would like to do so, please refer to the Edit Profile section of the Membership menu, or Click Here (opens in new tab).

It is recommended that you also read about the types of membership available before starting to create your IPMN Account, as the first question you will be asked in that process is to select one of a range of Membership Levels.

If you would like further clarification on which membership level to choose, and on which membership types denote which benefits, please refer to the Membership Types section of the Help menu, or Click Here (opens in new tab).

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