Masters in Seating and Posture Management and a Masters in Advancing Practice in (Allied Health Profession Speciality)

The School of Health Sciences at the University of Ulster offers a suite of modules for clinicians with an interest in the field of seating and wheelchairs. These modules are:

  • Seating for complex disabilities
  • Pressure ulcer prevention and management
  • Wheelchair mobility

It is intended that clinicians completing these modules will have up-to-date clinical skills and are able to clinically reason their seating and pressure management solutions using the available expertise and evidence base.  These modules are undertaken on a part-time basis using a blended approach in a short course format. They can be taken as stand alone modules, or combined to achieve a postgraduate certificate, diploma or masters degree. The programme’s underpinning ethos is to positively influence and change clinical practice based on the best evidence. Thereby enhancing the service user’s assessment/diagnosis, treatment and overall experience.

Is available on a part-time basis, with a variety of modules available.

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